7 Wonders City Peshawar


7 Wonders City Peshawar will offer the best living space to all the residents of Peshawar. The 7 Wonder City Peshawar will be one of its kind, amazing residential community that will have world-class features and amenities. Moreover, the project is developing by the GFS Builders, who are known for exemplary projects like seven wonders city Islamabad and seven wonders Multan and Karachi. The previous projects have made this investment opportunity more reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, this will be one of the best-gated communities facilitating the investors from Peshawar. Further details will be available here to guide the investors in making an ideal investment.

Owners & Developers

The Seven Wonder City Peshawar is a state-of-the-art housing scheme that will soon be available for investors from Peshawar. Moreover, it is the project of famous Global Financial Solution (GFS) Builders and Developers. The creators have been in the real estate field for fifteen years. Furthermore, they have created magnificent housing projects serving several region segments over time. Irfan Wahid is the man behind this outstanding project, as he is the company’s CEO.

Other Projects

The developers have created several projects for all citizens of Pakistan to offer them the best living conditions. Moreover, the developers are famous for building low-cost living spaces for all the residents and investors. The services and features developers have to offer are increasing the investment rates at these projects.

  • Seven Wonders City Karachi
  • Clifton Luxuria
  • Seven Wonder City Islamabad
  • 7 Wonder City Multan
  • North Town Residency

NOC Status

Legality matters a lot when it comes to making a long-term investment opportunity. Moreover, several trustworthy factors will make investment rates in the community high. First, however, the developers will soon give the exciting approval news to all the investors. They have submitted the required documents to all the investors and residents. Therefore, 7 Wonders City Peshawar will soon be an official and legitimate housing community. Lastly, investors’ trust and investment rates will increase after getting legitimate status. So investments at 7 Wonder city Peshawar at this point will be viable.

Location & Map

7 Wonders City Peshawar location is a mesmerizing feature of the housing project. Moreover, there are speculations that the site will be at the Garhi Momin, KPK. The developers are looking to offer the ideal living standards to everyone at the best possible rates in the community. Furthermore, it will be accessible through the M1 Motorway, Peshawar Northern Bypass and the Peshawar International Airport.

7 Wonder City Peshawar location map will also be close to famous landmarks like the Abasyn University, Nova City Peshawar, Peshawar Ring Road, and the Overseas Pakistani Foundation Colony. All these landmarks are increasing investment opportunities in the community. Lastly, the location map will cater more to investors in making a significant investment here.

7 wonders City Peshawar Location

Payment Plans

The 7 Wonder City Peshawar payment plan has the most manageable and most payable investment opportunity, just like in7 Wonders City Islamabad. Moreover, the developers offer the best prices and rates for properties with an easy instalment package. Furthermore, the developers will make the plan more efficient by relaxing the payment schedule. The properties available here will be 5, 7, and 10 Marlas at highly affordable rates. Lastly, the prices and the specific details are available here.

Several befits, like the corner plots and park-facing properties, will have additional charges that all buyers must pay. Moreover, there is a mandatory downpayment that all investors request to pay to start the whole buying process. However, proper guidance in all investment steps is vital to avoid inconvenience. Therefore, the payment plan for Islamabad’s projects is the most prominent Reason to Invest in Seven Wonders City. Lastly, this will be a trustworthy project to attain worthwhile living standards.

7 Wonders City Payment Plan

Master Plan

The 7 Wonders city Peshawar master plan will be available soon, with all the specific details. Moreover, the developers will create a state of art living space for investors and future residents as lucrative world-class facilities will be available in the community where it will be feasible for all investors to lead a comfortable yet high-end lifestyle. According to the available resources, here are the details of the residential and commercial facilities available here.

7 Wonder city Peshawar Master Plan

Residential Plots

7 wonders city Peshawar is offering different sizes of residential units to all investors that will have the optimal facilities available that will ensure luxury living standards for everyone, like in 7 wonders City Multan. Moreover, the most remarkable aspect is the investors can choose the ideal living space to meet the requirements of their families. Most importantly, the prices will be according to most investors buying capacity.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Units

The 7 Wonder city Peshawar will soon share the details regarding the commercial units available in the community. Moreover, commercial setups are a mandatory part of all housing communities that not only adds structural elegance but also fulfil the commercial investment needs of all investors. The developers are ensuring to create a retail space with a high-quality structure that will help make all business startups prosperous.

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Development Status

7 Wonder city project will soon be available to fulfilling the residing needs of the residents and the investors. The high-quality work standards will follow international construction guidelines. Moreover, developers are planting several types of plants in the community to ensure the living space remains green and eco-friendly. Most importantly, proper waste management will help maintain the environment more secure. Most importantly, the construction work here progresses soon after the NOC approval. So, without delay, make a profitable investment here now. Lastly, please keep visiting our website and get the latest constriction details.

7 Wonders City Peshawar Application Form

The developers ensure that all investors find it easy to make a dream and an ideal investment in 7 wonder city Peshawar. Moreover, proper guidance is necessary to make the right and profitable investment here. Therefore, the subsequent documents the submission before submission.

  • Photographs Passports Size
  • CNIC Photocopies
  • NICOP Copies
  • Official payment receipt copy
  • Online payment details screenshot.

7 Wonders City Peshawar Booking Process

7 Wonder city offers the best and smooth process for booking a plot in a residential unit. Moreover, the housing community will provide several sizes of properties where investors can make an ideal living. However, one thing all buyers should ensure before making a sustainable investment here is the proper guidance from authorized dealers. The process is simple, and all investors can easily book a dream property at the seven wonder city Peshawar.

  • Go to the official website of 7 wonder city Peshawar
  • Click on the download form option
  • Fill and read out the form carefully
  • Add the authentic information to the form
  • A down payment is necessary to kickstart the buying process
  • After documents submission, the collection of recoats is mandatory


7 wonder city Peshawar is one of the unique residing units for the residents of Peshawar. Moreover, the elements will be of a world-class level.

  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • High-Quality Architecture
  • 7 Wonders Replica
  • Optimal Sewage System
  • Broad Streets and Roads
  • Community Center
  • Educational Units
  • Medical Centers
  • Shops & Marts
  • Grand Mosque
  • Commercial Centers
  • Family Parks


7 wonders city Peshawar will be catering for the needs of future investors and residents by offering them world-class facilities.

Environmental-Friendly Housing Project

The developers of 7 wonder city ensure this project is greener and closer to nature. Therefore, they are planting various trees to add serenity to future residents’ lives. Moreover, the world-class construction guidelines will allow builders to make less waste that will also contribute to nature, and the proper garbage management system will make the living standards of all residents high and sustainable.

Access to all Basics

The housing community will ensure to cater to all residents’ essential requirements. Moreover, the housing scheme will offer the best provision of Electricity and gas. The resident requires these two fundamental needs to get a sustainable lifestyle. Not only that, water provision will be available for all with the facility of water filtration plants. What else does one need from a long-term investment? Therefore, booking a plot here and making a suitable investment asset now is mandatory.

Medical & Educational Facilities

The 7 Wonder city Peshawar will also ensure that investors attain the maximum benefits and services within the community. Moreover, there will be educational centres that will guide the investors in achieving the best and optimal academic goals. Furthermore, medical emergency services will also be available to ensure all residents have access to basic needs in a single-gated community. Lastly, the tools and types of equipment will be of international standards so residents can benefit from them without hesitation and get an ideal living.

Commercial Zone

The housing venture will create the best commercial investment option for all investors. Moreover, the architectural value of these properties will be high because of the high-quality infrastructure. Furthermore, several retail units will be available in the community, allowing the investors to make long-term commercial investment opportunities. Most importantly, the secured environment will enable investors to finalize the finest business deals efficiently.

Premium Quality Architecture

The structural quality of the residential and commercial investments will allow the maximum benefits for all investors. Moreover, the living standards will also enhance by residing in the new and modern architecture. The developers use world-class guidelines to ensure that all the investors and residents need sustainable living standards. Lastly, using the latest technologies allows making the world-class and modern architecture.

Secured Gated Community

The developers are making the community’s living experience highly secure and peaceful. Moreover, there will be high-technology provisions that will help create a life more accessible for all. Therefore, the investors and residents will also be able to make a sustainable living standard in the community. Thus, the investment rates are increasing here to get a secure lifestyle. Lastly, security is a basic need, and developers are willing to make it possible for all investors.

Advantages & Disadvantages

7 wonder city Peshawar will fulfil the needs and wishes of all investors by offering worthwhile and sustainable living standards.


  • Premium Quality Infrastructure
  • Provision of Essential
  • Wide Streets & Roads
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Family Park
  • Medical Units
  • Fitness Area
  • Commercial Area
  • Shops & Marts
  •  Ideal Location
  • Several Access Points
  • Community Centre
  • Optimal Sewage System
  • Reasonable Plot Prices
  • Mosque
  • Grave Yard
  • Grid Station
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 7 wonders Replica


  • Perception of high Plot Prices

Why Invest in 7 Wonders City Peshawar?

The developer of 7 wonder city offers all investors the best living standards at the best rates. Moreover, there will be lucrative and high-end features and services accessible in society. In addition, the investors will have the 7 Wonders replica, which will be fascinating for all investors and residents. Therefore, several Reasons to Invest in Seven Wonders City will be available here, such as affordable housing at the ideal place. Most importantly, there will be the trust factor always there because of the previous projects of the developers. Lastly, investment rates here will see a spike once the Noc approval is there.


The housing community will create a more feasible and convenient life for Peshawar residents and investors. Moreover, all investors will have different sizes of commercial and residential facilities. The investors will also have an ideal living here because of the prime location and the affordable plot rates. Furthermore, all features and amenities will be available to ensure investors live the best life in suitable conditions. Most importantly, the previous projects are other fascinating aspects that will help increase the investment rates in the community. The developers will offer the 7 Wonders replicas in one gated community. Thus the investment here will be a blissful living experience and a sustainable asset for all investors. Lastly, the 7 Wonders City Website is here to help investors find the ideal property. So, contact them and create long-term profitable assets.


Q1. What is 7 Wonder City Peshawar?

7 Wonders City Peshawar will offer the best living space to all the residents of Peshawar.

Q2. Where is the 7 Wonders City Peshawar location?

There are speculations that the site will be at the Garhi Momin, KPK.

Q3. Is the 7 Wonder City Peshawar payment plan available?

Yes, a reasonable and easy-to-pay prelaunch price range is available.

Q4. Who is building this new project of 7 Wonder City?

It is the project of famous Global Financial Solution (GFS) Builders and Developers.

Q5. Will there be commercial units available?

Yes, a variety of commercial investments will soon be part of this housing community.

Q6. What is the Noc Status of Seven Wonders City Peshawar?

The developers will soon give the exciting approval news to all the investors.

Q7. Are there any previous projects of 7 wonder city?

Several projects include the Seven wonders city Multan, Islamabad, and Karachi.

Q8. Will this be a worthwhile investment for Peshawar Residents?

Of course, the developers will make it an enchanting and unique residing place for all Peshawar’s residents.