Seven Wonders City Islamabad File Verification

Seven Wonders City Islamabad File Verification


Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s unique and futuristic housing society is a seven wonders city. Moreover, the housing society promises to provide high-quality living standards to investors and residents at affordable prices. The prominent feature of this real estate project is the location close to Islamabad International Airport and M2-Motorway. Furthermore, society standouts because of its seven wonders replicas, making it a feasible real estate investment option. Lastly, to know further regarding this housing society, continue reading.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is a futuristic and famous housing society near twin cities. As the name suggests, the housing society replicates the status of the world’s seven wonders. The developers aim to facilitate the residents and investors with high-quality living standards. Moreover, the owner of this real estate project is Global Financial Services (GFS). And the CEO is Mr. Irfan Wahid, who has been known for his spectacular developing projects experience. After its success in Karachi, the developers are building a similar housing society in Islamabad. Most importantly, the developers have been in the process of gaining legal status from the concerned authorities. Therefore, investing here now will be a valuable real estate investment.


Location is the most significant aspect of this housing society. And, like Blue World City Rawalpindi, the location of this housing society is highly accessible. Moreover, it is close to Islamabad International Airpot and M2-Motorway. Other important locations of the surroundings are Nova City Islamabad, CPEC-Ring Road Interchange, and the Fateh Jung Road. These areas make this housing society a feasible real estate option for the residents of twin cities. Lastly, investing here will bring numerous benefits because of its CPEC route. This route will bring business and investment opportunities for all the investors and future residents.

File Verification in Seven Wonders City Islamabad

File verification is another vital aspect that must keep in mind before making any real estate investment. Some of the ways are as follows:

The main important feature to concentrate on is the logo of the housing society. At the top, there will be a society logo that signifies the file’s authenticity. Moreover, a QR code will be available in the file from which investors can scan and get all the relevant details. So, it is crucial to keep these aspects in mind before receiving the file.

Security Code

There will be a PKR 50/-  note attached with the file with the security code. Moreover, the code must be the same as the mentioned code in the letter and the file. If both are the same, then it will be an original file. Therefore, keeping an eye on the security code will be beneficial.

Online Portal

For overseas investors, there is an option for online booking. As we all know, online work is far more transparent than buying in hand as there are scams in dealing without online. Moreover, it will facilitate the investors globally. Lastly, an online portal will enhance the investors’ trust as it’s a more transparent way of making any real estate investment.

Verify File From Head Office

Another accessible and authentic way is to visit the head office and verify the file. Moreover, it is feasible for all the investors from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. And, there is an availability of head office in the nearby area.

Professional Real Estate Agent

Lastly, it is vital to take consultancy from professionals or real estate experts to allow less hassle in the buying process. Moreover, only professionals can give adequate and optimal information regarding the file. So thorough research before buying a file is mandatory to avoid any mishap afterward. Lastly, visit the official Estate Land Marketing website to know more about the correct information.


Seven wonders city is one of the attractive and appealing housing societies available in the premises of twin cities. Moreover, the plot file is the first thing that investors receive initially. And for effortless file verification, there are some points to consider beforehand to avoid any mishap afterward. Furthermore, the best way is to visit the head office to clear all doubts. And, to facilitate future residents, especially overseas investors, there is an online portal where investors can book and verify the plot’s file.

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